Prosthetics Department


As well as Economy/NHS work our prosthetics department offer Independant and Private services. These can be tailored to include your choice of teeth and a choice of denture base including:

  • SR Ivocap
  • Lucitone 199
  • High Impact
  • Valplast Flexible Dentures
  • Chrome Cobalt

In addition we also offer full gingival and palatal contouring with Enigma Gum Staining. Enigma colour tones accurately replicate the natural gum tissue, available in a range of eight unique colours for complete flexibility.

All our Private work is carried out by senior technicians.

Chrome Cobalt Department


Our Chrome Cobalt Department uses only the highest quality Vitallium castings. Vitallium provides excellent patient acceptance, superior fit, adjustability and fracture resistance, highly polished refined surface, biocapability, kinder wear properties and is nickel free.

Why not combine with Acetal Resin (Dental ‘D’) Tooth Coloured Clasps or a Valplast flexible nylon denture.These are the perfect solution to unsightly metal clasps either on chrome or acrylic dentures and can be prescribed for new or existing dentures. Dental D comes in a choice of shades to match the patients own teeth or pink shades to match the patients gum. The Dental D clasps are very tough, flexible and do not distort.

Our ‘aestheticlasp’ designs ensure minimal metal is seen anteriorly when surveying allows.

Orthodontic Department

In addition to Removable Orthodontic Appliances, we offer Nightguards in hard/soft and combination for bite raising and bruxism. Retainers, Splints and also Gumshields in a multitude of different colours and designs.

Bleaching trays are usually 1.5mm thick and can be used for bleaching of vital teeth or from the inside out (non-vital.) They are available with or without reservoirs, so please specify which you require when ordering and which teeth are to be bleached. (Will be made with reservoirs unless stated.)